Students Celebrate One Another at This Year’s Abilities Track and Field Meet

Posted On Monday July 11, 2022
Donald A. Wilson - Abilities Track Meet
Donald A Wilson students show their excitement to be competing at the Abilities Track & Field Meet

Schools from across the DDSB participate in the Abilities Track and Field Meet  

On June 17th, 2022, elementary and secondary schools from across the Durham District School Board gathered at the Oshawa Civic Fields to participate in the Abilities Track and Field Meet. In partnership with the Durham Elementary Athletic Association (DEAA), the event brought in over 800 student athletes.

The Abilities Track and Field Meet is an annual event celebrating equity, inclusion, and athletic success for students of all abilities. The track meet is modelled after the DEAA Track and Field event with student athletes competing in 20m, 50m, 100m and 200m distance runs, softball throw, shot put and long and high jump.

The students experienced a full day of athletic accomplishment and team building within their own school group and with other schools. The Abilities Meet is an incredible day of friendly competition and unified celebration.

The last Abilities Track and Field meet took place pre-Covid-19 in 2019, where more than 750 student athletes from 83 DDSB elementary and secondary schools competed at the Oshawa Civic Field. Students, coordinators, families, and support staff alike were all elated to be reunited and cheering on those competing. This inclusive event brings pure joy to all those competing and in attendance.

Superintendent of Equitable Education Andrea McAuley lauded DEAA’s efforts in organizing the day. “DEAA does an outstanding job. They run it, and we support it.” A special thank you to Gina Waduck, Athletic Program Coordinator for the DDSB and member of DEAA, and the entire DEAA team for putting on such an incredible day.  

Congratulations to all those that competed, what an amazing day shared by all!